Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Fall Trend Shopping List

Today we spent some time scavenging the Fall trend reports to compile a shopping list of what you should be looking for this season.

As always, fashion trends are subjective to personal style... but having a few key looks in mind never hurts.

Here are five recurring trends we spotted both on the runways and between the pages of our most trusted fashion magazines:

1) Mustard Hues = rich & vintage

via runwaydaily.com

Tip: If you don't have the complexion to wear this color, try a punchy accessory or shoe.

via style-obsession.blogspot.com

2) Polka Dots = playful & nostalgic

via runwaydaily.com

Tip: Ease into polka dots by starting with a blouse or scarf.

3) Camo-inspired = urban adventure

via allthingssoleful.com
via fashionjunkii.com

4) Mid-calf skirts = full-coverage sexy

via style.com

5) Chunky stripes = bold & graphic

via style.com

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