Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Window Shopping - 8.24.11

There's lots to be seen/had at WCE this week! Our Prada case is full of all new soft leather handbags and an idyllic black tessuto messenger. (Look for the Prada to be hitting soon!) Not to mention jewels, a Tory dress with tags, pretty silk scarves and more!  

[we can't get enough of the buttery leather on our new Prada handbags]

[Sue says, "Let them wear jewels."]

[brand new gold Tory Burch dress with tags]

[acrylic bangles = a cool end-of-summer fashion treat]

[never too late to add these turquoise Manolo's to your collection!]

[silk scarves for you or your handbag]

What have you found at WCE so far this week?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Resale Bus Tour 8.20.11

At WCE we're constantly introducing our customers to delightful new ways to shop!

One experience we've been offering for a while is Resale Bus Tours hosted by The Shopping Co. (You may have read about these in St. Louis Magazine or The Chicago Sun Times).

via The Shopping Co.

Guests like the tours because they receive chauffeured transportation, VIP discounts at every stop, a gourmet boxed lunch and chances to win prizes throughout the day! We like them because pampering our customers is what we do best!

Here are a few photos from the August 20th tour:

[Rain? What rain?!]

[Alicia waits outside with customers before store open]

[Once inside, shoppers are greeted by friendly faces at check-in]

[...Not to mention mimosas]

Friday, August 19, 2011

Staff Cocktail Party 8.18.11

At WCE we consider ourselves not just a working staff, but a family - a team of hardworking women, sisters, friends.

From time to time we like to gather outside the store for a little relaxation, which often includes good food, good drinks and lots of laughter.

Last night was one of those times. Here's a glimpse into our work hard, play hard mantra:

 [cupcakes courtesy of The Cup]

[aged wine; fresh flowers]

[Claudia (Purple Cow), Shopping Co. owner Diana Ford]

[Lauren (WCE, Clique, Shopping Co.)]

[Deena (WCE), Molly (WCE), Angie (Clique)]

 [Kim (WCE), Lauren (]

[Lauren C. (, Lauren W. (WCE)]

[Carrie & Claudia (Purple Cow)]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Window Shopping - 8.18.11

Per your request, we've decided to add a weekly feature to the blog showcasing some of the items we currently have in stock. Check back every week to "Window Shop" with us... then come in and see what's new for yourself!

[miniature fascinators w/ vintage buttons and feathers]

 [on mannequins Fall knits boast retro motifs]

 [worn-look leather & heavy hardware accessories]

[cozy knits are the perfect pairing with a favorite tee]

[all new designer shoes]

[the perfect Mad Men inspired cocktail dress]

[one of many designer fragrances on our shelves]

[birthday flowers for Ingrid brighten up our counter space]

What did you find at WCE this week?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Fall Trend Shopping List

Today we spent some time scavenging the Fall trend reports to compile a shopping list of what you should be looking for this season.

As always, fashion trends are subjective to personal style... but having a few key looks in mind never hurts.

Here are five recurring trends we spotted both on the runways and between the pages of our most trusted fashion magazines:

1) Mustard Hues = rich & vintage


Tip: If you don't have the complexion to wear this color, try a punchy accessory or shoe.


2) Polka Dots = playful & nostalgic


Tip: Ease into polka dots by starting with a blouse or scarf.

3) Camo-inspired = urban adventure


4) Mid-calf skirts = full-coverage sexy


5) Chunky stripes = bold & graphic