Friday, August 19, 2011

Staff Cocktail Party 8.18.11

At WCE we consider ourselves not just a working staff, but a family - a team of hardworking women, sisters, friends.

From time to time we like to gather outside the store for a little relaxation, which often includes good food, good drinks and lots of laughter.

Last night was one of those times. Here's a glimpse into our work hard, play hard mantra:

 [cupcakes courtesy of The Cup]

[aged wine; fresh flowers]

[Claudia (Purple Cow), Shopping Co. owner Diana Ford]

[Lauren (WCE, Clique, Shopping Co.)]

[Deena (WCE), Molly (WCE), Angie (Clique)]

 [Kim (WCE), Lauren (]

[Lauren C. (, Lauren W. (WCE)]

[Carrie & Claudia (Purple Cow)]

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