Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Tie a Square Scarf

We're in love with scarves at WCE, and what's not to love about an Hermes?

But sometimes it can be difficult to decide (or remember) just how to tie that silk square you're dying to wear.

Today we played around with three very EASY and CLASSIC methods, employing the use of one of our new Hermes scarves.

{the square knot}

1) fold scarf diagonally into a triangle
2) flip triangle point to back
3) tie at front in a simple knot

{the scarf necklace}

1) fold scarf diagonally into a triangle
2) leave scarf loose and tie ends at back in a simple knot
3) loosely roll and tuck triangle point at front

{the modern ascot}

1) fold scarf diagonally into a triangle 
2) tie at back in a simple knot, leaving triangle point at front
3) wrap scarf ends back to front and double knot

Hermes "Reveries Japonaises" (Japanese Reveries) silk scarf 
by Latham available at Women's Closet Exchange.

 Still having trouble tying your scarf? Check out this helpful tutorial video.

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