Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can We Quote You On That? : 7 of Our Favorite Quotes About WCE

Natalie L.
"Eat cupcakes and shop! I mean, does it get any better?? :)"
Nikki P.
"Y'all are a bunch of evil temptresses with an abundance of goodies I didn't know I couldn't live without..."
Patricia P. 

"As for service... It's like shopping with your sisters without the competition."
-Patti G. 

 "This is where the Ladue housewife's past season clothing and accessories come to die... How do I know?  Because I am carrying her purse."
-Joselyn H.

 "A woman outfitted at Women's Closet Exchange could make an entrance on the arm of a man in a barrel and suspenders and still look like a million bucks."
-Riverfront Times 

 "The bargains are delicious, the employees are FUN!"
-Patricia P. 

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